Print-On-Demand is on a huge surge with no slowing in sight. Direct to Garment provides an efficient and cost-effective way to capitalize on this growing segment. As customer buying habits continue to move towards an on-demand mindset, print shops need to adapt.  Being able to print one-offs, not only allows you to fulfill more orders, but allows you to grow into niche markets as well.  Maybe custom tote-bags or pillowcases are what your clients really need?  With DTG, you can print on all of these things and more.  With expedited printing services, rush demand orders are now a possibility.  In as little as five minutes, you can be handing a finish printed t-shirt to your customer!


DTG is a relatively new technology that provides full color digital prints on to finished garments in just a few minutes. Cost of entry into the DTG market and the ROI let’s existing print shops, and those new to print, access to the equipment and see revenue increase almost immediately. It’s very easy to 10X your investment with revenue in under a year.  DTG operates in a lower footprint compared to other printing methods, which allows it to be easily incorporated into your current shop. With the scalability of DTG, adding more print capacity is as simple as adding another printer to the workflow without the need for additional staff.

Imagine being able to show a new client what their design will look like on a shirt when you first meet them?  With Direct to Garment, you can easily print a shirt before meeting your client, so they can see what DTG and your shop has to offer.

DTG printing is a great addition to add to your shop today.  Not only is DTG the fastest growing segment in the print industry, but it is also a successful way to help your business grow with better marketing and sales opportunities.  Currently, DTG comprises of around 8-10% of the decorated apparel market, but industry associations (SGIA) indicates the trend for on-demand isn’t going away. DTG will own over 40% of the market in the next 24-36 months!


Millcraft’s DTG Solutions provides a complete solution for your new venture into the print on demand space.  To find out more about how Millcraft’s DTG Solutions can help you get into the game of DTG printing, reach out to one of our DTG Specialists.

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