A heat press is a machine that is needed when DTG printing, but did you know it also allows you to press designs onto many varied materials and surfaces, too?

Heat Presses can be used in so many different ways.  Direct to Garment needs them to cure the inks, but did you know you can use them with DTF, heat transfers vinyl, screen printed transfers, rhinestones, and more?  Making custom baby onesies, personalized mugs, throw pillows and cushions, reverse canvases, coasters, layered HTV’s, custom leather’s, banners, and rhinestones projects are benefits of owning a heat press machine.

Heat Presses are the most important piece of equipment in the T-shirt printing industry.

The best part of owning a heat press machine is that they are cost effective, super easy to use, versatile, and revenue generating. That is what we all like to hear, right? The revenue made with a heat press machine outweighs the expense of purchasing one. Being able to do so many different projects, with just one purchase, is a benefit to your business and your customers.

Not all heat presses are made equally though.

When you purchase a heat press for your business, you need to make sure the heat press is reliable, durable, safe, and can be repaired.  There are many heat press machines available for purchase, but often times these heat presses can cause many issues early on.  The quote: “You get what you pay for” is what to keep in mind with some of these heat presses. Issues that can arise are: 

    • The heating element is not regulated well enough to apply constant and reliable heat throughout the top surface of the machine.  This can cause many issues in curing the DTG ink properly, setting the transfers on evenly, and causing scorching of the textile.
    • Cheaper components inside can cause the heat press to break sooner.  You might find a great deal on Alibaba, but most of these machines are using unreliable parts to keep the price low.
    • Potentially dangerous! Because of using cheaper components, and to cut conners, cheaper heat press machines can put you at risk of being shocked.
    • Repairability.  When choosing a heat press machine, parts can go bad over time after using it for many projects.  Cheaper heat press machines will break soon and make it hard to find the proper parts to repair it quickly.  Leaving you high and dry and not able to finish your jobs.  When looking for a heat press, make sure the company is reliable and has replacement parts to allow you to get your machine back up and running.

There are reasons why we choose to use Hotronix Heat Presses over the competition.  Hotornix has been around since the 80’s and they have set the standard on what a heat press is today.  Their heat press machines are reliable and durable, manufactured here in America, Blue Ribbon customer service, and these machines will produce outstanding quality time and time again.

Hotronix Heat Presses are industry leaders and feature the world’s most innovative and advanced technologies.

    • Auto-Open: Helps prevent over-application and scorching.
    • Over Centre Pressure: Pressure is distributed evenly throughout the platen providing a consistent press.
    • Digital Readout: Innovated by Hotronix. Accurately see the time, temperature, and pressure of the Heat Press.
    • Quickly Change Platens: Easily remove the platen and use a different one. Hotronix has made several different platens to choose from to allow you to hit the part of the garment that is needed.

Hotronix offers a wide variety of Heat Presses.  They have something available that will suit the needs of your business and your client’s orders.

Hotronix has some amazing free eBooks online that are worth your time checking out.  These go over the buying guide, marketing your t-shirt business, and design size and placement, and much more.  Check out their eBooks and you’ll thank us later for it.

Here at Millcraft, we are proud to be authorized resellers of Hotronix’s Heat Presses.  Visit our Heat Press Store to find the right heat press for your needs and check out our amazing accessories that will help you heat press better!