Having issues arise is never ideal for any situation, especially when you have orders that need to be completed in a timely manner.  At Millcraft, we understand the need to keep your machines up and running to satisfy your client’s orders.  To help combat these issues, we have created a new ticketing system that will allow us to be more efficient when dealing with these situations.  

Along with a new ticketing system, we have also created a new way for interested parties to quickly let us know that they would like more information about Millcraft DTG Solutions.

Introducing… Millcraft DTG Solutions Chatbot. 

Our Chatbot is live 24/7 on our website.  If an issue is to arise at any time of the day, head to our website and click on the green message icon near the bottom right.  Answer the questions and the bot will submit a ticket for you into our system.  Once available, our tech support team will review the ticket and reach out to you with further questions or will reach out to you with a solution. This innovative new system allows us to ensure all current and future clients are receiving the assistance that they need.  

Going forward, a ticket must be submitted for us to assist you.  You can submit a ticket in one of two ways: 

      • Using Chatbot on our website
      • Visiting our Support section on our website and clicking on “Submit a Ticket”.  You will then fill out a form.

We will soon be launching a new phone support system to allow you to get ahold of someone for support during business hours.  For the time being, the two methods above will be the only way to submit a ticket to us to get assistance with your current situation. 

The new system allows us to make sure we are taking care of each customer that needs our assistance or wants more information about our Solutions.  This system also allows us to keep track of any issues that may arise to monitor if more than one client is having this issue.  This information will help us with future tech support videos and articles that can help guide you to resolve the issue quickly so you can get back up and running again. 

Here is how each process works:

For tech support: answer the questions that appear, and a ticket will automatically be entered into our system.  Depending on your issue, you may receive a follow up email detailing some further actions that is required for us to help resolve the issue.  Once we receive the ticket, our tech support team will connect with you to start resolving your issue. Our goal is to get you back up and running as quickly as possible so you can continue with your client’s orders.  

For interested parties: enter your information and one of our textile experts will reach out to you to answer any questions you may have, set up a virtual demo, or even get you a quote if you are ready to purchase. 

As always, visit our website’s Support page to help find answers to any issue that may arise.  If you still need assistance, our chatbot is just one click away.