Millcraft DTG Solutions is proud to introduce a new product line that will expand your company’s offerings portfolio: Direct to Film.

Direct to Film is taking the industry by storm and allowing you to place your prints on textiles you couldn’t easily do before.  

What is Direct to Film (DTF)?

DTF allows you to print an amazingly detailed design onto a film sheet or roll. The printing process is done in reverse, printing the color ink first, then the white ink on top. Once the printing is done, a TPU powder is applied to the ink, and the film/roll is placed in an oven. This process enables the powder to cure and bond with the ink. Once this process is done, you are ready to press this onto cotton, poly, denim, canvas, blends, and many other items. Or, once the print is cured, you can store these prints to use at a later date.

DTF eliminates the challenges of perfecting pretreatment as pretreatment is not needed on the textile. Applying a DTF print to your textile is as simple as using your heat press. And unlike DTG, the heat presses are at a lower temperature allowing DTF prints to be placed on many fabrics without causing scorching or melting.  

Millcraft has a stand-alone Solution with STS Inks.  With STS Inks’ Direct to Film printer and Powder Shaker, your shop will be able to produce rolls of prints.  Getting an order for custom soccer jerseys just became a breeze!  Print off all the images at once, then press everything on.

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Interested in DTF?

Direct to Film is taking the industry by storm! Find out how Direct to Film can elevate your business in 2022 and beyond! Reach out to a Millcraft Textile Expert today to learn how to get started in the hottest segment in the textile industry!

DTG vs DTF vs Screen Printing

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Using your RICOH Ri 2000 DTG printer with CADlink will allow you to use the RICOH DTG printer in ways you didn’t think were possible. Need to print the home team’s jerseys on polyester? Get a fantastic print on some hoodies? Custom shirt tags? With DTF on your RICOH RI 2000, the possibilities are limitless. To find out more about this feature click here to speak to one of our Textile Experts.

If you already own a RICOH Ri 1000 printer, Millcraft will soon have the products you need to transition your DTG machine into a DTF printer. Sign up here to be informed on when this will be available.

Millcraft has everything you need to fulfill your client’s needs.  Connect with one of our Textile Experts today to learn more about these fantastic opportunities!