Direct To Garment Process


Use your favorite design software to create the artwork to be printed. DTG does not require the need for separating layers, embedding fonts, or proprietary file types.  With the artwork ready, it is now time to prepare the garment.  (Compatible File Types: TIFF, PNG, JPG, PDF, PSD, AI, BMP)



Pretreating is an important step requiring a consistent and repeatable application.  Using a pretreatment machine spray the garment with the appropriate setting and print location.  Once a garment has been pretreated it simply needs to be heat pressed to dry and flatten the fibers.  Now we are ready to print! 

 All Millcraft DTG Printer Packages utilize Image Armor Pretreatment and Viper Pretreatment Machines, we want you to have the best foundation on which to build your DTG business.



Load the pretreated garment onto the printer, send the artwork from the RIP software, and press start.  The printer does all the hard work while you prepare the next item for production. The intuitive, feature rich software provided with Millcraft’s DTG Printer Packages is preloaded with preset queues that automatically detect and remove black within a design allowing the black fabric to show through, saving ink and enhancing the finished product.



Once the printer has finished the garment, the ink must be heat cured.  This is traditionally performed with the heat press but we also offer conveyor tunnel dryers for high production users. 

After the ink has properly cured the print production is complete and the garment is now ready for your customer to enjoy.