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The Image Amor PRETREATMENT MACHINE Cleaning Solution is ideal for keeping ALL pretreatment machines up and running. This CLEANING SOLUTION can be used internally as well as externally on the plastic and metal surfaces of most all pretreatment machines to clean up pretreatment residue.

When run through the pretreatment machine and then flushed with hot water the Image Armor CLEANING SOLUTION will help break down pretreatment and keep small orifices open and valves and solenoids cleaner. You should NEVER leave this cleaning solution to sit in your pretreatment machine but flush with HOT water after cleaning. DO NOT contaminate pretreatment with the CLEANING SOLUTION and DO NOT immediately run pretreatment through the pretreatment machine without flushing with water first. Image Armor CLEANING SOLUTION is non-toxic and biodegradable so it is safe for the environment.

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